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1,826 You Should Be Grateful to H-E-B Partners

Since Florence Butts opened the first H-E-B in 1905, people and giving back to the community has been an integral part of the company.

Whether it is sponsoring a community event, investing in education, or responding with volunteers and supplies during times of disaster, H-E-B is synonymous with giving back to the community. 

In Williamson County, we (and you!) have 1,826 very special reasons to be grateful to H-E-B partners.

Why? Because 1,826 H-E-B partners have made the commitment to invest almost $309,000 in education, income, health and basic needs programs in Williamson County this year!

Giving gifts ranging from $1 to almost $3,000, H-E-B partners from 11 Williamson County stores are helping children, families and individuals across our communities find their pathway to a better life.  By investing so heavily in the building blocks of a good life – H-E-B employees are making it possible for individuals and families to get the help they need, when they need it.

It’s all about teamwork. We all know what we can accomplish more when we work together. And we all know that passionate leaders are often the catalyst for making things happen.

At the heart of this H-E-B campaign are store coordinators and leadership teams that passionately commit to making a difference for others.

At a recent campaign celebration sponsored by H-E-B, the store campaign coordinators and the company leadership was recognized for a job well done.   Visit the photo gallery.

Each coordinator worked hard and invested an inordinate amount of time into inviting their co-workers to participate in the campaign. However, there are a few coordinators from Williamson County that stand out across the region. 

The HEB at University and IH-35 in Georgetown was recognized for the greatest increase in Total Dollars over Last Year among 75 H-E-B stores in the Central Region.  Their accomplishment?  152% more than last year.  Alanah, Sakura and the partners at Georgetown 1 did an awesome job!

The runner up for the greatest increase in Total Dollars over Last Year? Lakeline Plus. They increased giving by 92%. Memo, Richard and the whole crew really did an outstanding job.

Finally, the partners at the Taylor H-E-B were recognized for having the Greatest Percent Increase over Last Year within their division.  They raised 26% more for their community this year. Thank you James, Dominic, Tony and the Taylor for a job well done.

And THANK YOU H-E-B partners for helping in your hometown!