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Community Impact Summit

Community Impact Summit

United Way of Williamson County in partnership with Community Impact Newspaper has become a trusted leader in the ongoing conversation about the implications and impact of rapidly changing population growth in Williamson County.

By focusing on demographics today and what they mean for the future, each Community Impact Summit calls the Williamson County community to consider the implications of the growth on the needs of the poor, disenfranchised and most vulnerable members of our community.   

Working with business leaders, lawmakers, educators, community and nonprofit partners, each Community Impact Summit aims at making sure our communities are inclusive, stable and economically prosperous places to live. It is about making sure Williamson County is a great place to live, work and play for generations to come.

For more information and downloads from past summits, click the links below or contact the office at (512) 255-6799.

Changing Demographics Summit 2014

Education Summit 2015