Speak Out. Keep Informed. Be Engaged.

With our focus on community impact, United Way of Williamson County has a role to play in advocating for good public policy. Advocating for our priorities in Education, Income and Health at all levels of government can help strengthen the social and economic foundations of Williamson County families for generations to come.

Your community needs you to have an impact on public policy decisions. Advocating in your community does not simply mean lobbying on a specific piece of legislation. Instead, there are many ways that you can advocate and make a meaningful impact in your local community.

Speak Out

Take time to write, call or email our elected government officials to advocate for matters of Education, Income and Health or other areas of public policy that impact our communities.

Keep Informed

Keep informed more about the legislative issues that impact the education, financial stability, and health of Williamson County residents.

United Ways of Texas advocates on behalf of its members on issues impacting our community.  With two registered lobbyists on staff and a lobbying consultant, UWT is a voice for systemic change that impacts Texas communities.

Learn more about UWT's 2017 Legislative Agenda or read the 85th Legislative Session Wrap Up Report.

United Way Worldwide advocates for sound policies affecting Education, Income, Health and the nonprofit sector's capacity to advance the common good.

Click here to learn more about United Way's public policy, legislative agenda and links to public policy media and resources.

Be Engaged.

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." 

Whether it is using social media to raise awareness about a cause that is important to you or attending the United Way Day at the Texas Capitol, you can make a difference in Williamson County.