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Basic Needs

Increasing Access to Basic Needs

Every day, Williamson County families are faced with difficult choices. Families must decide between paying the rent or purchasing food. Parents weigh the cost of a new winter coat against the income they make at an hourly job. Senior citizens must choose between turning on the air conditioner or purchasing their required medications.

In recent years, the number of people seeking assistance with basic needs has continued to increase. Local food pantries consistently report an increase in the number of people seeking help with putting food on the table, or seeking assistance with rent or utilties. With the recent economic downturn, companies downsizing staff and increase in cost of living, more and more people in Williamson County are reaching out for help with the basics. 

When individuals are unable to meet their immediate needs, it becomes more difficult to focus on long-term goals such as employment, housing, or education. Being able to meet basic needs including food, clothing, utilities and housing enables individuals and families to build a more stable life, which results in a more stable Williamson County.

Our Goal

The goal of our efforts in this area helps people address their immediate need for survival while helping them move towards recapturing a sense of self-sufficiency.

  • Address nutrition, clothing, utilities and housing.

Our Strategy

Providing help for individuals and families during times of crisis is essential not only to their immediate well-being, it can be the first step on a path towards self-sufficiency. Through the Community Impact Grant allocation process, local organizations are providing tens of thousands 

How You Can Help

To increase our ability to provide help for our friends and neighbors in times of crisis, we need your help.

  • Give now to provide basic needs for local families.
  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or meals on wheels program.
  • Hold a food or clothing drive for a partner agency.
  • Encourage others to provide help for local families struggling to meet their basic needs.