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Community Impact Agenda

Stabilizing Families. Helping Kids Succeed. Empowering Healthy Lives.

Advancing the common good is about helping one person at a time, and creating long-term change that benefits every member of our community. That is why we are investing in education, financial stability, health and basic needs. These are the pathways to a better life for many families struggling to improve life for themselves and their families, and it creates a stronger community for us all. 


Through education, we are helping children and youth achieve their full potential. Learn more.

Financial Stability

By providing tools to struggling individuals and families, we are helping others become more financially stable and independent. Learn more.


Empowering healthy lives by increasing access to health care and prevention services helps kids learn better and allows adults to be more productive at work. Learn more.

Basic Needs

Helping families meet their basic food, housing, utility and clothing needs is critical to families struggling to survive. Learn more.