Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

Helping Children Enter School Ready to Read

Due to limited funding for this program we are unable to process new registrations at this time. We will reopen registration when additional funding has been secured. We apologize for the inconvenience. Reading with a preschool child is the single most important activity to help prepare that child for success in school.

Meaningful learning experiences in the years before kindergarten are key to closing the achievement gap – that is when intervention can have the most positive effect on a child’s learning trajectory. This period is critical and sets the stage for all later learning and adult functioning.

As many as 3,500 preschool children from low-income families in Williamson County do not have access to books because their families simply cannot afford to buy them. National studies have shown that 61% of low-income families do not have age-appropriate books for children in their home. 

To a child, entering school unprepared can have long-term implications for their future success in school and in life. For a community, the financial costs associated with children entering kindergarten unprepared include:

  • Increased need for student aid and remediation
  • Special education and grade repetition
  • Teacher related costs
  • Impact on school safety due to delinquent behavior

Our Strategy

United Way of Williamson County and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library are teaming up to provide books to preschoolers from birth to age 5 who live in the boundaries of the 10 Williamson County elementary schools with the highest percentage of economically disadvantaged students.  

Dolly Parton's Imagination Library will mail one brand new, age-appropriate book to every child enrolled in the program each month from the time the child is born until his or her 5th birthday. Parent education tips are printed in each book to provide ideas for parent-child reading interactions. This program is free to eligible families and is funded in full by gifts to United Way of Williamson County. 

Preschoolers currently living within the boundaries of the following elementary schools may enroll in the program. Register here. NOTE: After a child is registered it can take up to 8-10 weeks before the first book arrives. Mailing lists are prepared one month in advance. For example, if your child is registered July 2 the first book will arrive sometime in September.

Thank you to our generous donors and sponsors who make it possible for us to offer this program in Williamson County.


Atmos Energy


Faske Lay & Co., L.L.P.


Upstream Investment Partners


 School and District

 Launch Date

 Program Sponsor(s)

 Bartlett – Bartlett ISD

 November 2014

 United Way Donors

 Berkman – Round Rock ISD

 October 2013

 Round Rock and Sunrise Rotary Clubs

 Bluebonnet – Round Rock ISD

 March 2013

 Round Rock and Sunrise Rotary Clubs

 Carver – Georgetown ISD

 February 2014

 St. David's Georgetown Hospital

 Forest North – Round Rock ISD

 March 2014

 NW Austin Rotary Club and Forest North PTA

 Johnson – Taylor ISD

 August 2014

 Taylor Rotary Club Members

 Mitchell – Georgetown ISD

 October 2015

 United Way Donors

 Pasemann – Taylor ISD

 August 2014

 Taylor Rotary Club Members

 Purl – Georgetown ISD

 October 2015

 United Way Donors

 Robertson – Round Rock ISD

 April 2015

 Round Rock and Sunrise Rotary Clubs

 Success – Round Rock ISD

 March 2015

 United Way Donors

 Voigt – Round Rock ISD

 August 2014

 Round Rock and Sunrise Rotary Clubs, Chaparral Women's Club

 Williams – Georgetown ISD

 December 2015

 United Way Donors








Take Action

To reach our goal of helping more children enter school ready to read and ready to learn, we need your help. A gift of $25 provides 12 books for one economically disadvantaged preschooler in Williamson County. Click here to make a donation now.  Contact us by email or call (512) 255-6799 to find out how your company or organization can sponsor this program at a school near you.