Financial Accountability

Accountability. Transparency. Good Stewardship.

United Way of Williamson County is committed to the highest standards of accountability, transparency and good stewardship. We know that our contributors have many choices about how and where to invest their hard-earned money back into the community.

We take seriously the trust placed in us by donors, partners, and the community. United Way of Williamson County takes steps to ensure that we operate effectively and that the dollars entrusted to us are invested in ways that will make the most impact in our community.

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United Way Membership Requirements

Success means measurable improvements in the communities we serve. Setting high standards for ourselves and for our local partners is critical to that success. Annually, all United Ways across the world certify their adherence to standards that include comprehensive requirements for financial reporting, governance, and other legal and ethical obligations. United Way of Williamson County has met all certification standards for 2021. We are a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.