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Financial Literacy Classes to Expand to Cedar Park

Financial literacy is a critical, yet often overlooked life-skill. 

The long-term benefits from financial education classes are good for individuals, good for families and good for the community. Research shows that people who attend money management classes are more likely to reduce personal debt, grow personal savings, invest for the future and make better financial decisions over a life-time. For United Way of Williamson County and the Cedar Park Library  it just makes sense. are working together to help families become more financially stable and independent. 

Starting on November 3, United Way of Williamson County will begin offering  a monthly workshop on Budgeting Basics at the Cedar Park Library. This program is designed to provide basic information and tools Williamson County families may need to become more financially stable. This free workshop will be repeated on the first Monday evening of each month and cover topics such as creating a personal budget, strategies for getting out of debt, and the importance of building an emergency fund. This workshop is free and open to the public. Click here for the schedule