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Mentors Needed

Some Great Kids are Waiting For a Great Mentor. 

Mentoring changes lives. It's just that plain and simple. Research shows again and again that students who have strong, supportive adult relationships perform better academically, have increased self-esteem, experience improved family relationships, and are less likely to skip school - or drop out altogether.

Unfortunately, in Williamson County the gap between the number of adult mentors and the number of students waiting for an adult to volunteer is growing increasingly wider. Each year, thousands of students who could benefit from a mentoring relationship remain on a waiting list - because there aren't enough mentors. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to increase the number of adult mentors volunteering in local school districts each year. By increasing the number of mentors, we want to also impact the percentage of students that stay in school and graduate from high school on time. 

Our Strategy

Working collaboratively with 11 Williamson County school districts, United Way of Williamson County is investing in a community awareness campaign to spread the word about the benefits of mentoring and encourage adults to volunteer 30-60 minutes a week as a mentor. 

  • is a website managed by United Way of Williamson County to make it easy for interested adults to connect with local mentoring opportunities. 

  • Marketing materials promoting mentoring in Williamson County schools are available to share in the workplace, at church, with community organizations and religious communities.  

How You Can Help

You can impact the life of a young person by joining us in our efforts to help students succeed in school and life.