Our Work

We envision a community where people thrive, live healthy lives, and everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

We are working to address root causes and provide long-term solutions to the obstacles facing our communities; that is why we are investing in education, financial stability, health and basic needs. These are the pathways to a better life for many families struggling to improve life for themselves and their families. 

  • Helping children and youth achieve their potential through education. Learn more.

  • Helping families become more financially stable and independent. Learn more.

  • Helping people access health care and prevention services. Learn more.

  • Helping families meet their basic food, housing, utility and clothing needs. Learn more.

How We Do It

We invest financial and human resources in strategic programs and partnerships that provide the greatest return on investment. We invest in results-driven, quality programs that are able to show the impact of their work. 

Strategic Programs

Strategic Programs supplement the work of local nonprofits. Since launching strategic programming in 2010, United Way of Williamson County that have directly helped improve life for more than 5,000 people. Learn more.

Community Impact Grants

We invest heavily in local organizations who are best equipped to help us meet our community impact goals. This allows us to leverage the expertise and results-driven impact already present in our communities and serve the needs of our growing population. Learn more.

Community Conversations

Based on the Harwood Institute engagement strategy of "Turning Outward", United Way of Williamson County is conducting community conversations designed to generate public knowledge and inform decision-making across the community and throughout the county. Learn more.