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Samaritan Health Ministries named as 2014 Nonprofit Excellence Award Winner

On February 1, 2014, United Way of Williamson County awarded Samaritan Health Ministries with the 2014 Janet Engvall McTigue Advancing Excellence in Nonprofits Award.

This $10,000 award is given annually to a nonprofit serving Williamson County to strengthen its business infrastructure and advance excellence within the organization. Samaritan Health Ministries will use this award to assist in the development of their governing board. 

“We are incredibly grateful to United Way of Williamson County for this award,” said Erika Pratt, Executive Director of Samaritan Health Ministries. “This grant will provide the financial support we need to grow and strengthen our governing board, an essential component of our strategic plan. With a strong operational infrastructure, we are better able to meet the current day-to-day requirements of the clinic and anticipate future needs. Ultimately, this award will help us grow our mission to provide healthcare to the uninsured residents of Williamson and Travis counties.”

Located in Cedar Park, Samaritan Health Ministries has been providing medical care to the people of Greater Williamson and Travis Counties since 1998. This non-denominational, not-for profit organization provides quality acute and chronic health care including medical, dental, mental health, breast cancer and other health screenings and medications to the uninsured. In addition, the clinic provides referrals and preventative health education for dental, diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. The dedicated volunteers and tiny core of paid staff provide care for more than 700 patients annually.

The award was presented to Samaritan Health Ministries by the Engvall Family and United Way of Williamson County Board Members at the Texas Stars Hockey game at the Cedar Park Center on February 1, 2014.

Established in 2009, Janet was Executive Director of Georgetown Area United Way from 2002-2005, a practicing attorney in Texas, and 2004 Democratic candidate for Williamson County Attorney. She died in 2007. This annual award continues to honor Janet’s commitment to strengthening local nonprofit agencies and equipping them to better serve the most vulnerable members of our community.