Workplace Campaign

Running a United Way workplace campaign provides your employees with an opportunity to give back to the community while meeting your corporate social responsibility goals. When your company decides to offer a United Way employee giving campaign, you are providing an easy way for people of all income levels to give back to their community. 

A workplace campaign provides:

  • A chance for people of all income levels to give back to their community and help people in need

  • A convenient way to give regularly through payroll deduction

  • Assurance that donations to United Way’s Community Impact Fund are used to help to where it is needed the most

  • Opportunities to direct contributions to impact areas or nonprofits close to their heart

  • Poverty simulation tool

By making the decision to dedicate staff time to conducting a United Way campaign, you are making it possible to impact the lives of countless children, families and individuals across Williamson County.   

To learn more about conducting a United Way campaign, please contact Clarena Tobon by email or at (512) 255-6799.